Nail-biting when your teen daughter gets late?

“Everything started one night walking the dog. It was the sunset time of a winter day and it was cold. She never thought how empty the streets looked like, and suddenly she perceived the presence of someone between the bushes. She had never felt so defenceless, so vulnerable. She had never felt the sting of fear…”

The story could go as bad as we want to write an American thriller, a typical story of abused girls at a campus, or just the bad experience in a new, scary neighbourhood in a lost city in the middle of nowhere. That´s why Christina, a former student a Pomona in California, explained me that the most important item she received at her university registration in the far nineties was a whistle. “A whistle?” “Yeah, in case you are in danger, you blow it to alert people so they come to rescue you.” Time flies, and the whistle become an app in the nomophobia era.

App NoMore is a mobile app against male violence. Six 10th graders girls (4º ESO in Spain) at Colegio Internacional SEK Ciudalcampo has developed it, and their project represented Spain in the European final of Young Entrepreneurs ‘Company of the Year Competition’.

The eureka-moment of launching the app is the consequence of a bad experience when one of the students realized that a group of young men followed her when she walked her dog at evening time. Once her fear subsided, she thought about the convenience of having an alarm connected from her mobile to alert her family in case of danger.

App NoMore is simple: in case of risk, the person at risk sends an alert with the geolocalization data to her selected contacts and some other people nearby.

The young inventors have designed the app and got the money by selling their own merchandising. They are targeting females between 14-35 y/o, but anyone can download the test version on Google Play. Their institute of learning hopes to get finance to develop it on iOS.

No More won the 12th National Edition of the Award to Best Project of Mini-enterprises Junior Achievement. This app got developed at SEK Lab Junior, the first incubator for entrepreneurs at school level in Spain.

The six inventors are now ready to create a community of Warriors against male violence and they look for crowdfunding to advance their project to the next level.

Kudos for the initiative!


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