South Summit 2018 seeks the next unicorn in Madrid

Madrid #SouthSummit18, the most important event in southern Europe for entrepreneurs and investors, held at La Nave 3-5 October 2018, fulfilled the expectations of the attendees. The public was willing to learn about the latest disruptive innovations the 100 finalists presented in the fields of Healthcare, Smart Mobility, B2B enterprise services, Content & Channels, B2B Enterprise Tech, and Energy & Sustainability.

The public had the chance to listen to the stories of founders and creators about their new ideas, products and services that are shaping our reality and the way we move, live and work. Projects like Revolut, eco-mobility, digitalization and tourism, and the blockchain application to verify documents and financial transactions open new collaborative ways.

There is also a chance to educate entrepreneurs and investors (more than 650 investors attended), comparing the pros and cons of launching an ICO versus applying to the traditional VC angels, as well as how to assess the moment to sell the company and how to do it in a successful way.

Another subject that took attention was the collaboration and partnership between big companies, with slower mobility to innovate at the necessary speed, and the small startups, ready to take risks for a much lower budget.

Special mention for enlightED Reinventing Education in a Digital World, a chapter oriented to the education along the life, not limited to the traditional steps of primary, secondary and tertiary education. Today the constant adaptation to the fast changing reality is the only way to survive.

List of the 100 finalists at South Summit 2018

Healthcare: Working Minds, Biome Makers, Amadix, Wivi, B-wom, medmesafe, CreatSens, IOMED, S-THERE Technologies

Smart Mobility: situm, citibox, Navilens, ONTRUCK, eccocar, Aautodrive Solutions, chainGO, ZELEROS, Meep, Valerann.

B2B enterprise services: Ambotux, TALENT SWARM, Wannabo, neosound, SHEETGO, Lorio T, ardor, ecertic, UGROUND.

Content & Channels: Be Helpie_, CHIARA, #Influencity,, draagu., TNK, MAD Lions, Plan & Go, Expectacularity, SQM.

B2B Enterprise Tech: Alias Robotics, CUBELIZER, A3D, Onirix, Alén, ENGIDI, ETHYKA, NIDO Robotics, pozi, SigmaRail, WitraC.

Energy & Sustainability: CO2 Revolution, Beon, DATAKORUM, Carbon Waters, Mat Map, GreenUrbanData, fundeen, U-Earth, Cycle.

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