Astron, the Greek “star” platform making smart cities more sustainable

Many companies are getting inspired by the principles of Livability, Workability and Sustainability of smart cities to develop better services to better serve their communities.

Smart cities depend on the information generated and transmitted on the internet. The electronic data is used to manage assets and flows in a more efficient way. Information generated from citizens, devices, and assets are combined to monitor traffic and public transportation systems, energy plants, water supply, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, and other services such as schools, libraries, hospitals, and community services. And that´s what Astron does.

Astron is an open end resources management platform aiming to improve resources efficiency and reduction of waste. “The scope is generating real interconnected environments, such as buildings or even public spaces. We are the platform that connects neighborhoods and communities,” explains Anastasios Avranas, Astron. He considers the 10-member team already winners: Astron has been selected as one of the ten finalists of Startupbootcamp in Dubai, launching on November 26, 2017. “After the effort we all put there, our work is recognized,” he says. Their presentation in the accelerator site says: “Current accuracy level on simulating anticipated events according to historic human behavioral patterns is up to 97.2%.” Having said so, the flow of citizens, vehicles, energy consumption, food and habits shall be a more pleasant journey of all, right?

Astron manages the communication protocols and assets of all major buildings and will offer data analytics and operate under real voice communications. Depending on the needs of customers –mainly commercial and industrial users-, the data may be stored locally or in the cloud. The developers of the team have worked on machine learning and artificial intelligence mechanics, which may be a scalable and compatible solution to infrastructures already in use. The platform proposes an efficient use of resources for smart cities, leading to a sustainable development, and a greener urban landscape.

The platform born three years ago, when of its members could not find a solution for his problems. The company changed its name to be “Star” in Greek and, despite it started in United Kingdom, it moved to the Silicon Oasis in Dubai, a city more open to listen to new ideas. The team grew from four to ten members, working together from Dubai and Greece to prepare the official launching of Astron.

Interested in more data about smart cities? Check the information at Data-Smart City Solutions of Harvard University about Smart Cities or have a glance to the Smart Cities Council site.


Headquarters: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai

Year founded: 2016

Company type: Privately Held

Specialties: Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Home, Advanced Data Analytics, Voice Communication, Machine Learning, Economic Savings, Resources Efficiency, Sustainability, Greener Environment, Cloud Technology, and Asset Management

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